Cobra Kai star Ralph Macchio teases that some of the season 6 scenes have already been filmed

Cobra Kai star Ralph Macchio reveals that while the series hasn’t yet been renewed, some of the scenes for season 6 have already been shot. Cobra Kai, a sequel series that followed the events of the Karate Kid film trilogy and included several actors who had parts in the original movie as well as a new generation of young performers, first aired on YouTube Red for two seasons before being picked up by Netflix.

Macchio spoke with ComicBook this week about the fifth season of Cobra Kai. He explained that certain content was shifted to season 4 because it just didn’t fit in season 3 throughout the interview as he talked about how much potential stories the authors have in their minds. They shot several scenes that are “being held for the future if we receive that green light,” he said, adding that something similar occurred while they were filming season 5.

Macchio said, “There’s stuff that they wrote in Season 3 that didn’t happen until Season 4 ’cause there wasn’t any more room in Season 3. There’s stuff that was in Season 5 that we know we shot that is being held for the future if we get that green light, so there’s more to come, we hope.” It’s quite uncommon for a series to film scenes for a future season that hasn’t been officially announced, unless it’s essential content with young performers who won’t look the same when the season in question premieres.

Both the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother and the NBC family drama This Is Us have seen this kind of pre-planning, although these instances are incredibly rare. Filming anything more is typically seen as an unnecessary indulgence that isn’t accounted for in the budget, especially for a show with the budget of Cobra Kai. This information just serves to highlight how much gas Cobra Kai has left in the tank, even if it’s likely that they originally shot these scenes with the aim of incorporating them in season 5.

To ensure that this film actually surfaces in season 6, it is hoped that fans would respond favourably to season 5. This is only the third season that the company has produced; therefore, they may just have it in them to get renewed rather quickly. Netflix series occasionally struggle to maintain themselves on the platform after three or four seasons.

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