This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman reveals that the finale was partially filmed three years ahead

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The tragic undertones that This Is Us left behind were revived by the show’s creator, Dan Fogelman, after the series finale aired on NBC in May. Since he knew exactly where the series would go from beginning to end and could plan ahead, Fogelman revealed that numerous sequences from the final season were really shot years ago.

Fogelman stated to The Hollywood Reporter that the show’s two timelines allowed him to have a clear vision for the series’ conclusion ever since it debuted on television in 2006. When the show was renewed for more seasons, he made the decision to film the Pearson kids before the actors portraying them got older. “They picked us up for three seasons right away,” Fogelman said. He added, “Then I was like, ‘I’ll do another three if you pick it up right now, so we can plan accordingly.’ So, we shot the bulk of the ending three or four years ago.”

Kevin, Kate, and Randall Pearson, the three children who played the triplets, were growing up quickly, so Fogelman said he wanted to get some footage of them while they were still little. He said, “We shot half of it and then put the footage away. I knew what the ending was going to be pretty specifically. Even though we had a hundred gazillion episodes in between, we treated it like one piece of storytelling. For me, at least, that made it manageable.”

In-depth planning has been a component of the production of This Is Us from the beginning. According to Fogelman in an interview with Variety, the finale’s concept hasn’t changed much since the show’s premiere. He shared, “I always wanted and always had planned for the final episode of the series to revolve around the epilogue of the continuing story of the family. It felt important to me to go out making the show about how the human condition and the human spirit kind of endures and moves forward, rather than just a moment that would leave everybody hysterically crying because somebody passes at the end.”

The heartwarming and heartfelt story of a set of triplets, their struggles, and their parents is shown in the television series This Is Us. Mandy Moore, Chrissy Metz, Justin Hartley, Chris Sullivan, Susan Kelechi Watson, and Sterling K. Brown are among the cast members. The last season is jam-packed with tales from the past and the present, including tales involving the off-camera cast members’ offspring and great-grandchildren.

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