‘How I Met Your Father’ includes the cameo of ‘HIMYM’ character!

How I Met Your Father

In the season finale of How I Met Your Father, an American comedy that released on Hulu on January 18 this year, one of the characters from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ shocks viewers. The programme follows ‘Sophie‘ played by ‘Hilary Duff,’ as she tells her kid about how she met his father. Christopher Lowell, Francia Raisa, Suraj Sharma, Tom Ainsley, Tien Tran, and Kim Cattrall all feature in the episode. Because the programme is so similar to ‘HIMYM,’ it contains a lot of allusions to it. The sitcom is set in the ‘HIMYM’ world, from Ted’s former flat where Jesse and Sid live through MacLaren’s Bar and the debut of Captain (Kyle MacLachlan).

'How I Met Your Father' includes the cameo of 'HIMYM' character! 2

Sophie, the main character, had a brief romance with Jesse (Chris Lowell) near the conclusion of the series, and they’re already over before the end of the season. Sophie feels uneasy and a little scared when Jesse broke up with Meredith (Leighton Meester) and declined to go on a tour with her, claiming that it wasn’t a huge issue. She departed from there after her dispute with Jesse and landed in Maclaren’s, the same pub where the crew of ‘HIMYM‘ hangs out every night. When she walked into the pub, she immediately struck up a discussion with none other than ‘Robin Scherbatsky’ (Cobie Smulders).

This was the official cameo of Robin on “How I Met Your Father!”


Fans are astonished to see Robin, as it is the first time in years that Smulders has performed the character. Sophie recognises Robin as a prominent news anchor by 2021, and she begins chatting to her right once. They were sat in the same MacLaren’s bar booth. Sophie begins to open out to Robin about her tumultuous relationship with Jesse. “You have no clue,” Robin said Sophie. But it’s a good piece of work, which leads me to my recommendation. Sophie, don’t waste your time being afraid. Fear might cause you to avoid things that could be excellent, even amazing. Things that should have been a part of your tale.”

How I Met Your Father’s season one finale on March 15 featured an appearance by Cobie Smulders, a cast member from the original How I Met Your Mother. Cobie Smulders returned her role as Robin Scherbatsky, a big-time news personality now married to Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor), and it was all we could have asked for and more.

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