Idle Hands: Devon Sawa says he wants to be a part of Horror Comedy

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Enthusiasts of horror comedy can cheer. As Devon Sawa said he would joyfully return for an Idle Hands reboot in the event that one were to actually occur. The 1999 repulsiveness satire joined droll humor with unwavering butchery. The directed is Rodman Flender. He is most popular for helming comedic thrillers like Leprechaun 2 and, Eat, Brains, Love.


Inactive Hands follows idler teenager Anton Tobias. Who goes on a lethal frenzy after his correct hand is controlled by a peculiar wicked power. The film stars Sawa (Final Destination) as Anton. Seth Green and Elden Henson as Anton’s companions turned-zombies, and Jessica Alba as his neighbor and love interest. The content creators are Terri Hughes and Ron Milbauer. Both of them fill in as journalists for the dream arrangement Supernatural and the science fiction show Alphas.

Sawa recently communicated interest in an Idle Hands continuation in 2019. A reboot truly is far-fetched considering the film’s $25 million spending plan and its pitiful $4 million benefit. For instance, establishments like Scream, Transformers, and Fantastic Four. All got various continuations notwithstanding certain portions performing inadequately in the cinema world. So there’s still trust in lifelong fanatics of Idle Hands.

The film actually accumulated to some degree a clique following throughout the long term. One that is likely eager for a spin-off. In the event that Sawa keeps on being frank about his advantage in a reboot, it might get something under way. It’s even conceivable that different individuals from the cast will join the discussion since Sawa got the show on the road. And keeping in mind that it could be unrealistic reasoning. An Idle Hands reboot would offer the cast and team a chance to join more successful jokes and current impacts. While as yet catching the bloody craziness that pulled with sickening dread beasts in any case.

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