Former WWE Superstars who passed away at an early age

Eddie Guerrero

WWE Superstars put in a lot of effort to make a name for themselves. Superstars live well with themselves and their loved ones after achieving fame, but not everyone is that fortunate. Numerous WWE athletes have also passed away relatively young. Sarah Lee, a former WWE star, recently announced her retirement at the age of 30. The 2015 WWE Tough Enough Competition was won by Sara, a three-time mother. She was Wesley Black’s wife, a former WWE Superstar.

Eddie Guerrero of the WWE Hall of Fame and Umaga

Eddie Guerrero, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, was employed by WWE in 2005. WWE implemented a wellness policy in the wake of Eddie’s passing. Umaga achieved great success in the WWE. After failing a wellness policy in 2008, the former Intercontinental Champion declined to enter therapy, which resulted in his departure from WWE. On the independent circuit, Umaga continued his professional career.
A year later, Umaga’s wife discovered him unresponsive at home, and after they all went to the hospital, they learned that Umaga had suffered a heart attack. Umaga passed away at the age of 36 on the same day he suffered a second heart attack.

Ashley Massaro and Shad Gaspard

The Crime Time squad included Shad Gaspard, whose partner was JTG. The former WWE Superstar achieved considerable fame while working for the organization. Additionally, Gaspard established himself in the unaffiliated circuit. Additionally a successful actor, Gaspard
Shad passed away tragically in the year 2020. On Venice Beach, Shad and his son were swimming when they were struck by a large wave. Although his son was saved, Gaspard, who was 39, lost the struggle for his life. About two days later, his body was discovered.

Ashley Massaro gained notoriety after taking first place in the 2005 Raw Diva Search contest. Ashley then received a WWE contract. In 2008, Ashley Massaro resigned from WWE to take care of her sick kid. He continued to work as a radio broadcaster and DJ after quitting the business. Ashley was discovered in her New York residence in the year 2019 in a comfortable mood. Ashley, age 39, passed away en route to the hospital.

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