The 2023 WWE Hall Of Fame’s inaugural inductee has been revealed as Rey Mysterio

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Rey Mysterio’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame was formally announced on Friday night’s SmackDown programme in the USA. Rey receives the honour in 2023 as the first WWE star. The official induction ceremony will take place on March 31 at the Arena in Los Angeles, California, following SmackDown.

On Friday night, Dominik Mysterio and the rest of The Judgment Day interrupted Rey’s great moment. Dominik took advantage of the opportunity to belittle his father and later got into a verbal altercation with him in which he attempted to strike his father but Rey deflected the blow.

WWE tweeted, “BREAKING NEWS: @reymysterio is the 1st inductee for the 2023 #WWEHOF!” to inform Rey’s followers of the good news.

In 1989, Rey made his debut in the world of professional wrestling. He entered ECW after developing his skills in AAA, and this eventually caused him to become a top cruiserweight in WCW. Rey joined WWE in 2002 and never looked back after that. Since then, he has won numerous accolades and acclaim, including the title of world champion and the Royal Rumble victory. Rey’s career in the WWE has been characterised by extraordinary success and unmatched accomplishments.

Rey won the WWE Title once, the World Heavyweight Championship twice, and the Royal Rumble in 2006. He also earned the distinction of winning the Grand Slam and Triple Crown.

There are numerous rumours that Rey and Dominik will square off at WrestleMania 39.

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