Less than a month remains until Season 2 of Prime Video’s hilarious crime drama The Outlaws returns with a new disaster for the gang of misfits.

After their initial foray into crime, the crew is back, this time with more community service to complete and greater risk. 

On August 5, Prime Video will provide all six episodes of the show for streaming. 

Greg (Stephen Merchant) provides a brief summary at the beginning of the trailer, reminding us how the seven prisoners ended there in prison: through misdemeanour offences and a bag of stolen money. 

The gang is now at the mercy of the cunning London drug dealer The Dean (Claes Bang), who gives them eight weeks to get the money they stole from him back.  

All of them, with the exception of Frank (Christopher Walken), whose grandson got the money instead, had regrettably already squandered their whole share.  

These less-than-hardened criminals are lured back into the criminal underworld to weasel out a profit because they have no other method to transfer the money to The Dean. 

The gang came together in Season 1 despite coming from many different backgrounds, and the clip demonstrates how much they have progressed as a unit since then.  

The titular outlaws have shared some of the worst moments in the criminal world and have a strong sense of camaraderie.  

The new footage also includes an excessive amount of Frank, who, among other things, tries and fails to intimidate The Dean under the mafia guise of Al Fastelli in New York.