Jenna Davis, a voice actor for M3GAN, discusses a potential sequel comeback in the horrifying killer doll role.  

The newest horror film from Blumhouse Productions, written by Akela Cooper, is outpacing Smile, the highest-grossing thriller of 2022, at the box office. 

M3GAN, starring Allison Williams, follows young scientist Gemma as she adopts Cady, her eight-year-old orphan niece.

Gemma gives Cady an artificial intelligence doll named M3GAN because she wants to give her comfort and security.

Long before the movie’s release, rumours of a potential sequel circulated. It was hailed as an instant cult classic. 

M3GAN voice actress Jenna Davis discusses a potential return to the terrifying character in a follow-up interview with NYLON.  

Davis gives a positive response when asked if she wants to be involved with the doll’s filmography, adding it would be a dream come true.  

Davis shares the opinions of other artists who contributed to the success of M3GAN in terms of the movie’s potential.  

Producer James Wan has been open about his goals for M3GAN’s future and has directed a number of Blumhouse hits, including Saw, Insidious, and The Conjuring.  

Mancini revealed in November that he was discussing plans with Universal for a Chucky crossover series.