Unveiling The Joker’s Master Plan: Why Batman’s Lack of Laughter Saves Gotham



In the latest Batman storyline, “The Joker: Year One,” the true origins of the Clown Prince of Crime are explored alongside a chilling glimpse into his final attack on Gotham. As the city lies in ruins, overrun by Joker-like zombies, Batman stands as the last survivor. Surprisingly, it’s Batman’s stoic demeanor and refusal to laugh that ultimately spares him from the Joker’s deadly apocalypse.

Unveiling The Joker's Master Plan: Why Batman's Lack of Laughter Saves Gotham 2


What is the significance of Batman’s lack of laughter in the Joker’s apocalypse scenario?

How does Batman’s lack of humor contribute to his conflict with the Joker?

What does the revelation of the Joker’s final gag entail for Batman and Gotham?

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