“Estab Life” Reviews, Characters and Storyline

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“Estab Life” (エスタブライフ, Esutabu Raifu) stands as a multifaceted initiative from Japan, devised by Gorō Taniguchi. It encompasses an anime series called Estab Life: Great Escape, produced by Polygon Pictures, which aired on Fuji TV’s +Ultra block from April to June 2022. Additionally, a Polygon Pictures anime film titled Bloody Escape: Jigoku no Tōsō Geki debuted in January 2024. Square Enix has also announced the development of a mobile game titled Estab Life: Unity Memories.



The narrative unfolds in a distant future marked by dwindling global populations, where the H.D.E.D. (Human Diversity Experimental Department), overseen by ecosystem management AI, strives for species proliferation. Amidst this backdrop, a myriad of beings including humans, beasts, demons, and cyborgs have emerged. These diverse entities coexist within designated zones termed “clusters,” each enclosed by towering walls. Within these clusters, distinct cultures, norms, and values have taken root, shaping the fabric of society. Tonkyork Metropolis and Chicagosaka, amalgamating New York City with Tokyo and Chicago with Osaka respectively, stand as experimental urban hubs partitioned by clusters. Under the watchful gaze of AI surveillance, inhabitants find their movements restricted, rendering free passage a thing of the past.

“Estab Life” Reviews, Characters and Storyline 3
“Estab Life” Reviews, Characters and Storyline 4

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