TEDx Talk Ideas That Need To Be Heard

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We have searched the world for the next BIG TEDx Talk and have compiled this list of amazing and ambitious individuals with fabulous ideas that need to be heard globally!

Luis Cuevas 

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When I was working for a law firm as an intern, I was asked to go to the office after law school, even though my last class finished at 10:30 pm. Like in the movies, I received a briefcase and instructions. I needed to be at the entrance of a Mexican Court House at 11.50 pm to deliver the briefcase, wait 15 minutes, and bring a sealed envelope back. Days later,I learned that was the way to ensure cases were assigned to specific judges. My boss’ friends.

That night, my naive beliefs about law and justice were crushed. A few weeks later I was fired – the day after I told my boss I was not happy about what happened that night. My son’s mom was 7 months pregnant, and that job was our whole income.

That event shaped my life. I started to understand how corruption works, the pain it causes and how it shapes people’s lives in so many different ways.

Today I’m the founder of Rethical, a company that incorporates behavioural science, data analytics, and IA into a product that helps companies achieve sustainable and ethical growth. We do it by helping our client’s employees transform negative habits into sustainable positive ones.

The only way to fight corruption and keep the earth alive is by changing from the inside – starting with ourselves.

Victoria L Sanchez

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Have you ever wondered where you go when you die? Did you know that constant stress is the equivalent of death by a thousand paper cuts?

Hi, I’m Victoria Sanchez. As a person who experienced death, I know just how trauma, grief, and stress can kill. I underwent three surgeries attempting to fix my palatal plate and septum deterioration caused by a flesh-eating bacteria called Mucormycosis, which threw my system into a dysregulated state and rhythm. 

Losing my palate plate knocked my senses offline, dysregulated, and detached me from my physical body. But, through the use of sacred geometry and the VGA sound frequencies, I taught my system how to regulate itself. I now see all at a 50-thousand-foot view, a macro grid, and show others how to balance their own system and restructure their DNA to a zero balance.

What if we could prevent such trauma, grief, and stress before it kills us? What if we could learn to regulate our system and restructure our DNA to a zero balance before it’s too late? 

The answer is simple, yet profound: We could learn how to use sound frequencies, sacred geometry, and other tools to balance our biorhythms and the nervous system. We need to bridge the gap in human consciousness and harmonize the heart-brain coherence, creating a vibrational frequency of forgiveness and healing love frequencies. By doing so, we can prevent death by stress and trauma and learn to live in a state of balance and harmony.


Anitha Panicker

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Have you ever felt like the mountain in front of you was too high to climb, and the odds were stacked against you? Well, I’m here to tell you that with a simple 4-part strategy, even the impossible can become possible.

My name is Anitha Panicker, and I know this first-hand because I am a first-generation immigrant who faced countless obstacles when I moved to the United States at the age of 9. 

I spoke no English and was quickly immersed in a foreign culture that made me feel like an outsider. I was bullied and ridiculed for my accent, my choice of clothing and countless other things but I refused to let that stop me. 

Today, I am a soon-to-be-published author, a doctoral candidate, a leadership coach, and have mastered the English language. And I want to share with you the secret sauce that helped me turn my impossible dream into a reality. I call it GOAT – Grit, Obsession, Accountability, and Teachability.

Despite an estimated 15,000 self-help books being published each year in the United States alone, a staggering 92% of people fail to achieve their goals. That’s a daunting statistic, but with GOAT, even the average person can achieve even the loftiest of goals, regardless of their starting point or special talents. 

What sets successful people apart is their mindset, their willingness to persevere in the face of adversity, and their ability to embrace the power of GOAT.


Vered Kogan

TEDx Talk Ideas That Need To Be Heard 19

In this ground-breaking TEDx talk, we delve into the territory of career transitions, offering a new perspective and a refreshingly creative approach. 

As a certified coach who has trained and coached over 3,000 executives on navigating transitions, I’ve observed that the biggest determinant of success is the job seeker’s mindset. I will share a simple evidence-based technique- using the fun acronym P.L.A.Y.- to show viewers how to harness their energy anytime and anywhere to feel more confident, be more productive, and build rapport with hiring managers. 

TEDx viewers will learn how to redirect their energy and turn the often daunting and depleting process of a career transition into an opportunity to shift old mindsets and experience a deeper sense of ease and joy. This is especially relevant nowadays because, according to a 2022 Gallop poll, only 32% of full- and part-time employees feel engaged, while 18% are actively disengaged. 

Employees are eager to explore new career paths in search of more meaningful and rewarding work, and they are curious to learn how to land their next job even more quickly and easily. As an expert on mindset and host of the top-rated podcast “The Mindset Game®, I can show them how. 


Nigel Honey 

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I have been a Filmmaker and Film Editor for over 25 years, and have taught all over Scotland, UK, and Europe. This includes teaching Filmmaking and Film Editing to the BBC, ITV Unscripted / Scripted, Emmerdale / Coronation Street, and students in Norway and China. 

Having Bipolar 2 (Manic Depression) and being diagnosed at 19 at Maudsley Hospital in London, I was told I never work in Film and TV as only 16% of people with Bipolar 2 can hold down a job. Despite this, I went on to edit feature films for BAFTA, Cannes, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Berlin, and Bordeaux Film Festivals. Just because I have an Invisible Disability, itdoesn’t define who I am. 

After not being able to speak about my Mental Health condition for years; at the age of 42 I went back to Education to do a master’s degree in Filmmaking. 

I then made a film about my Battle with Mental Health. I explained that having Bipolar 2 can be like living in Hell. Your mood can reach so low that you find it hard to get out of bed, you can become paranoid and believe people are talking about you – to the point in my early 20’s I jumped out of a car at 40MPH. The doctor told me it was a miracle I survived but said I am here for a purpose, that purpose I believe was my Ability Academy. 

I spent a long time inside a psychiatric hospital where I found my creative skills were the only thing that kept me sane.Afterwards, I spent the next 20 years getting both talking therapy and medication to stabilize my mood including Lithium.

I also had a drinking addiction as a coping mechanism for my Bipolar 2 which caused both me and my nearest and dearest much worry however I realized that the only way I could live was to be sober.

I have now set up my own Ability Post Production Academy for people who also have been told they can’t work in TV and Film Editing, just because they have a Visible or Invisible Disability. We have gone from strength to strength working with BBC, ITV, Mama Youth, and Netflix.
I get more out of teaching a new generation of editors than I did doing the job. Don’t get me wrong I still love editing, but to see a trainee who found it hard to communicate but cannow flourish through my Academy gives me both appreciation of my condition and a reason why I had to face my demons and overcome my diagnosis.


Sharon Chemello

TEDx Talk Ideas That Need To Be Heard 21

Anxiety and depression are at an all-time high. Kids and teens are struggling, young men, women, seniors, and farmers. Covid, rising interest rates, lack of affordable housing. World events, climate change. Kids on the spectrum, chemicals, lifestyle, the internet. Addictions, nutrition, sugar! Staaaaaaaahp!

Seven years ago, I was on the couch, drinking, self-sabotaging, trying to work, crying, frozen with anxiety and depression, divorced. I hit rock bottom a few times, which had happened earlier in my life. 

I had a long history of anxiety and depression. I had a choice; check out, stay where I was or make some changes. I chose change, healing, and transformation. I read widely, did courses and studies, was coached by great coaches, and studied coaching. I started teaching others the strategies that helped me to find peace, love, calm and joy. 

I wanted to write a book to help others. The title came to me in a blinding flash. Emoji: Find your happy face! The strategies all start with a letter of the word Emoji. Simples!

I made a book of over fifty strategies for wellness. With ideas for families. Now I want to share these tools with the world! Everyone needs these tools. 
Jerome Myers

TEDx Talk Ideas That Need To Be Heard 22

My idea is that founders who exit their companies shouldn’t have to suffer in silence.

My name is Jerome Myers and I’m an award-winning engineer, investor, mentor, and business strategist who helps founders navigate their exit paradox.  For far too long, too many business owners exit and are left without purpose and identity.  When you compound this with the fact that most people assume that they are happy and carefree, it creates a situation where they feel trapped and left to suffer in silence.

The grit, intelligence, and talent it takes to build an “exitable” business are rare and unfortunately, this part of the population is being punished for their financial success.  We see too many of these amazing human beings self-destruct and create undesired collateral damage in their attempts to heal and find new meaning post-exit.  

The Founders Exit Paradox is causing too many amazing humans to suffer in silence. This realization led me to this idea for a TEDx Talk.

According to Wells Fargo, approximately 75% of people regret selling their business.  This is the dirty little secret of entrepreneurship that can be avoided with proper preparation, a solid plan for a lasting legacy and diligent support on the emotional rollercoaster.

The world needs to hear this.  
Society needs to hear this.
My community needs to hear this.


Suman Dua 

TEDx Talk Ideas That Need To Be Heard 23

Hi, my name is Suman Dua and I am a migration advisor in Australia. I help people to follow their dreams and migrate to a new country of their desire. I, myself migrated to Australia in 2005, the reason I migrated was for the opportunities and experiences that I could get in Australia. 

Did you know that the current global estimate is that there were around 281 million international migrants in the world in 2020? This equates to 3.6 per cent of the global population. So, why is migration a very underexplored topic in Ted Talks?

Some of you may want to move to a new country to get some work experience, to study, or maybe you want to move permanently with your family.

You need to be sure which country you wish to migrate to; you may also want to check if this country has your occupation in demand and if there are work opportunities available for you. Does this country need people like you with your specific type of skills and what is the procedure to move there?

It takes a lot of determination before you decide to move to a new country. It may mean leaving your close ones behind, leaving your home, leaving your friends but if the outcome islife-changing then you may want to consider this dream of yours. It may need a lot of hard work and patience to go through the migration process, but you need to trust the process. It’s always good to have someone to guide you, someone who has done it for many others. 

In the end, it will be you who has to take massive action.What can you do today to move towards designing the life of your dreams?


Heidi Stenschke 

TEDx Talk Ideas That Need To Be Heard 24

Alzheimer’s. Who Cares?
The decision to provide in-home care for a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s is tough. Once decided, it begs more questions. Who is the primary caregiver? What level of care is needed and what kind of care is the caregiver capable of giving?

In many cultures, it is an honour, and a privilege to take care of elders. But privilege or not, it’s a chore and a lot of hard work. And prepare for distant family members providing unsolicited advice.
As a therapist, a mother, and a carer, I understand the misery that can accompany the full-time caregiver. A good caregiver requires resilience, compassion, patience, and emotional intelligence. However, possessing this skill set does not ensure smooth sailing.
God forbid you have your own family and/or a career too. If so, expect to be tested. Prepare to meet your wit’s end. Caregiving can consume you. And left unchecked, it will.  
Therefore, a non-negotiable commitment to self-care may be the single most important skill needed. A failure to provide self-care depletes the care you can offer others. Don’t wake up from a trance when the bell tolls wondering where your life went.
Who cares? You care. You first, then others.


Tracie Jae

TEDx Talk Ideas That Need To Be Heard 25

My name is Tracie Jae. In business and life, I am The Quiet Rebel. My work in the world is creating incremental and organic shifts to the status quo by inviting humans into dialogue around topics we’d rather avoid. Do you know what makes being in those spaces easier? Bubbles.
The world we live in is complex, overstimulating and often quite frustrating. So, I blow bubbles. Yes, the kind of bubbles you might find at a child’s birthday party or a wedding.

Blowing bubbles immediately returns me to my breath, slows my heart rate and regulates my emotions. I simultaneously visualize the troubles of the moment and watch them float away.
In pre-pandemic times, I hosted Bubble Meditation classes through AirBnB experiences. Now I share this technique with friends, colleagues, and clients. I keep bubbles near me throughout the day and am amused when others tell me that they are also keeping bubbles nearby and share this tip with people they care about.
Inhale and hold the world as it is. Exhale and believe the world as it might be. Bubble Meditation is an idea worth sharing.


Lotte Mickelson 

TEDx Talk Ideas That Need To Be Heard 26

How laughter changed my life.

In 2008, I was seeing double over a period of 5 days.

When I got the life-changing diagnosis of MS, I felt lost and confused. Why were we two sisters in one family who got this diagnosis almost 20 years apart?

I had so many questions and none of the experts came back with answers, so I decided to start laughing every day to fight the potential relapses that deteriorate your health when MS is in your chart.

I have not stopped since.

Every morning I laugh on a 10-minute conference call from 7 am to 7:10 am. No jokes, no comedy, just good old laughter.

Over the past 15 years health professionals have attempted to add medication to my treatment schedule. I have stuck with laughter and that has been and is my only medication for the MS that crawled back into my life in 2008.

No one knows what the future holds and things can turn really quickly. Knowing how good laughter is for us from both medical and scientific angles, why not do some more laughing, chuckling, and guffawing?

Positive biochemical changes are happening with every “Ha Ha Ha” that we all feel so much better. I know I do.

I also laugh when I walk my daily 10,000 steps.

And I can tell you a lot more about how laughter changed my life.


Mike George 

TEDx Talk Ideas That Need To Be Heard 27

I want to talk about the other side of caregiving. 

“You have a very sick baby. He may not live the day.”

No one should ever hear those words. But they were just the beginning. The “experts” told us there was not much anyone could do to help our son, Ben, or us. And that he’d require 24-hour care for the rest of his life.

But it all culminated into one disturbing statement that I hear in my head to this day:
“Ben may never be able to walk, talk, or go to school.”

The worst part about being thrust into my family caregiver role was an overpowering, almost relentless, feeling of being trapped in a life that I didn’t choose or want. It felt like a punishment that was forced on me.
Three decades into this caregiving journey, Ben has patiently taught me that what I saw as hopeless was actually atremendous gift because, every day, I get to experience the OTHER side of caregiving.
Instead of that suffocating trapped feeling, I have a recurring feeling of contentment. The exhausting feeling that I would have to care for him forever has grown to an understanding that I don’t have to do this alone.
I’m here to tell you the OTHER side exists, and I’ve found the path to get there.
I am eager to be your guide.
I help family caregivers shift from feeling alone, fearful, and uncertain to becoming confident, empowered champions. 

As a caregiver myself for 3 decades, I intimately understand the burdens of supporting the primary care of a loved one. But I also know the tremendous fulfilment it can bring. 

I am the creator of The Caregiver Support FormulaTM which guides families in designing the home care experience they deserve. I am an international speaker, acclaimed author, and co-founder of Soaring Families – the hidden universe of family caregivers you didn’t know existed.


Tara LaFon Gooch, MBA                   

TEDx Talk Ideas That Need To Be Heard 28

I am the CEO of Best Branding Solutions, United States Country Chair for the G100: Mission Million, and Professional Speaker and Author of the forthcoming book How To Grasp Confidence & Own Your Power set to release in Q3 2023. 

I grew up in poverty; I am the youngest child of five raised by a single mother. I haven’t seen my father since I was fourteen years old and have gone my entire life without hearing the words “I love you” from him. 

My journey has not been easy and for years of my life I was powerfully unconfident due to neglect and abuse at the hands of my father and due to the circumstances I faced as a child. 

As an adult, I worked tirelessly to find the solution to regaining my confidence because I could feel that my lack of confidence was holding me back in every aspect of my life. On March 16, 2022, I nearly ended my life, that’s how unconfident and purposeless I felt. 

However, I chose life and through gratitude, I began my journey to regain confidence. Since then, I have developed a simple 5-step method for regaining confidence that I am ready to share with the world.


Sheila Burrell

TEDx Talk Ideas That Need To Be Heard 29

“From Broken Story to Abundant Life: The Power of Perception”

My name is Sheila Burrell. I am a single mother of two beautiful girls, and I have a story to tell. A story about how my life’s circumstances, despite their struggles and challenges, turned out to be my greatest blessing through the power of perception.

Before the pandemic, I lived my life in ignorance, not understanding the power of perception. I was forced to slow down and deal with the root problems relating to myself and my parenting skills. Through this awakening, I discovered how to interpret the thoughts and actions that led me to become the strong person I am today.

For years, I lived in a broken story and found comfort in comparing my despair with others. But once I shifted my perception, I saw my childhood of freedom and the opportunities that came my way, like being the first in my family to earn a college degree and buy a house. I

I realized that my life’s struggles and challenges were blessings in disguise, making me the resilient person I am today.

Negative perceptions can heavily influence mental health disorders like depression and anxiety, affecting millions of people worldwide. That’s why society must understand the power of perception and how it can be used to live a life of joy and fulfilment.

My story is not unique, and there are millions of people like me who need to hear this message. Society needs to be equipped with the resources and tools to change their perception and, in turn, change their lives.

Join me in spreading this message. Change your perception, change your life.

Carrie Benedet

TEDx Talk Ideas That Need To Be Heard 30

Get Dirty In The Trenches!

A story of how ‘a walk in the jungle’ to give thanks challenged my values and assumptions on how I lead myself and others. 

Our ‘kokoda’ moments are learning opportunities that we can choose to embrace or ignore. Human Centred Leadership is the new Leadership Playbook.

I am Carrie Benedet, married to Luciano for 4 decades, mum to four incredible adults and Carrie Ma to ‘seven little Australians’. I am a trained teacher, social engineer, coach,and leadership optimiser. I worked in a large educational organisation in Sydney for 23 years before starting Thriving Matters and Global Leaders Thrive.

I have always stepped forward to take up leadership roles and am privileged to say the education world has been inspiring, challenging and full of growth opportunities.

I stayed at home for a decade with our four young Benedetsand by the time our eldest son was getting married, my role had changed substantially before my eyes. How was I going to become something more than what I had been for so many years?

What did I do? I went for a walk in the jungle for my 50th birthday! My first walk ever. I’d never even been camping, ever. 

I needed a circuit breaker – time to challenge myself – so I chose one of the hardest treks in the world. Why? To give thanks for bringing up four children in our free country, Australia.

Walking the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea, where Australian soldiers fought the Japanese in WW2, was the most mammoth thing I had ever done in my life. I dared myself to explore a new identity and purpose! I felt an imperative stronger than I’d experienced before.
I had to rely on people I didn’t know to help me – make new relationships – immerse myself in a very different culture…

A decade and a half later, the parallels between my Kokoda experience and going out on my own can’t be ignored.

The ‘grit’ to live and thrive each day impacts not only our lifestyle but our workplaces, our health, our security, and our well-being.

It’s time for a new leadership playbook where human-centredskills and mindsets are future focused for your and my grandchildren. They are our future leaders of people, people, people!

Why repeat what hasn’t been getting different results? Let go of what’s not serving us well, treat people as we wish to be treated and look to how we can give the world a new world leadership playbook.


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