Fighting the bigger evil, Anoop Chahal through viral YouTube channel Faridabad Rockers:

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One of the biggest and most liked Indian channels which have been rocking the world of YouTube since 2011, with their focus on social awareness, is Faridabad Rockers. Anoop Chahal is the mastermind behind this YouTube channel and the director and editor of Faridabad rockers. Faridabad Rockers is a content channel with a massive number of subscribers of 666000 on YouTube and 43.9 k followers on Instagram. It is quite a famous channel on YouTube as it focuses on both entertainment and social awareness in each and every video. It is loved by its subscribers and they don?t fail to watch the videos as it reaches YouTube.

 Anoop Chahal was inspired to do this by an accident. He was an eyewitness of an accident, there were many people there gathered watching, but no one came forward to help, making some stupid excuse. This revealed their mentally and antisocial thinking of their mind. These people with such ill and negative thinking would lead them nowhere but would contaminate other minds as well. And as a human and the citizen of a free country, the land of Rama and Gandhi, who preached love and compassion for all, we should be kind to everyone and should be an example for others.

Anoop with his childhood friend Sanjay , Ajit Chahal and Kapil Pandit started his channel Faridabad Rockers. In their videos and skits, his wife Rani Chahal also supports as an actress and scriptwriter. The whole team has put in their effort to create powerful videos that can evoke more awareness in society and help society become aware of the issues that need our attention.

Anoop Chahal, basically is a teacher in Chandawali, Faridabad, Haryana. But now he is professionally a famous YouTuber and content creator. He actually wants to make a positive difference in people?s lives and in society. His motive is to voice his opinions and spread a positive message in society so that people can learn something good and apply them in their day-to-day life. As a teacher he has a responsibility towards society and at any cost, he is trying to make an impact. He has dedicated himself to make videos against social evils and aims to make some influence for a better social life.

Faridabad Rockers by now has created more than 156 videos which are on YouTube and in every video some social evils are taken up to create awareness. They have gained a massive number of views and subscribers, which is growing every day. This channel has earned them YouTube Silver Play Button, which is quite a big achievement for them. The Faridabad Rockers team works with genuine intention to make people more and more aware of things and issues. It has become an inspiration for many. Anoop Chahal who is also called master Ji (teacher) and today is seen as one of the most promising content creators with the full support and dedication from his talented team. We wish Anoop Chahal and the whole team of Faridabad rockers to reach the heights of success.

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