Keith Knight’s comedy series Woke canceled after two seasons on Hulu

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Woke, a comedy series on Hulu, has been cancelled after only two seasons, according to Deadline. In September 2020, Hulu will debut the American live-action/animated comedy series Woke. Woke, a series based on the life of cartoonist and co-creator Keith Knight, will not be getting a third season from the streaming service.

Considering how well-received the show has been by both critics and viewers, who have complimented its cast and ability to mix tones to portray what the concept of Woke means, the choice to forgo a third season may surprise some people. Why Hulu decided not to renew the series is yet unknown.

Keith Knight, the show’s co-creator, drew inspiration for the series from his personal experiences. The award-winning cartoonist Keef Knight, the protagonist of Woke, gets racially profiled by a hostile policeman who claims he resembles a mugger in the region while being close to the high level achievement he craves with his non-confrontational and innocent cartoon illustrations. After the assault, he develops the capacity to hear inanimate objects speak and becomes increasingly conscious of the racialized small-talk that surrounds him.

The first episode of season 1 centres on Keef’s traumatising false arrest. His capacity to hear inanimate objects, which frequently warn him to confront racism occurring to and around him, is used to explore his awakening in the novel. Following a series of incidents, Keef eventually finds counselling to help him deal with his issues and channel his grief into art. He finds himself in a predicament at the end of the season where he must choose whether to keep quiet or suffer the repercussions of speaking up.

Woke’s second season follows Keef, who is now a well-known character in the neighborhood’s civil rights activist scene, as he makes his way through the activist world. It highlights some issues with online activism as well as the challenges and tensions that various agendas and working styles can bring to such settings.

Lamorne Morris as Keef Knight in Woke, alongside Blake Anderson as Gunther, Rose McIver as Adrienne, Sasheer Zamata as Ayana, Aimee Garcia as Laura, J.B. Smoove as Marker, T. Murph as Clovis, and more talented actors. Sony Pictures and ABC Signature jointly produced the TV show.

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