“Ya Boy Kongming” Reviews, Characters and Storyline

“Ya Boy Kongming! is a manga series created by Yuto Yotsuba and illustrated by Ryō Ogawa. It was serialized on Kodansha’s Comic Days website from December 2019 to November 2021 before moving to Weekly Young Magazine. With 15 tankōbon volumes released as of October 2023, the story is set in Shibuya, Tokyo, focusing on Zhuge Kongming, a character transported from ancient China to modern Japan. Kongming employs military tactics to help his newfound friend, Eiko Tsukimi, become a music sensation. P.A. Works produced an anime adaptation, which was streamed from March to June 2022 and aired on television from April to June the same year. The series is available for streaming on Sentai Filmworks’ Hidive platform outside of Japan.

Additionally, a live-action television drama aired on Fuji TV’s Shinsui 10 Drama programming block from September to November 2023.”



The renowned military tactician Zhuge Kongming, after meeting his fate in the Battle of Wuzhang Plains in 234, expresses a dying wish for a peaceful existence devoid of conflict. In an unexpected turn of events, he finds himself reborn in modern Japan, manifesting in his youthful form amidst a vibrant Halloween costume party in Tokyo’s bustling club district. Embraced by the revelers of Shibuya, known colloquially as “Paripi,” Kongming’s path intersects with that of Eiko Tsukimi, a budding songstress, marking the commencement of his second life journey.

Transported to a world far removed from the battlegrounds of ancient China, Kongming navigates the energetic nightlife of contemporary Tokyo. Encountering Eiko amidst the pulsating atmosphere of a night club, he embarks on a new chapter intertwined with the dreams and aspirations of the party people of Shibuya. This serendipitous meeting with Eiko ignites the beginning of Kongming’s reimagined existence, where the artistry of music and the camaraderie of modern-day revelry pave the way for his unforeseen adventures.

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