With new gestures and Galaxy AI health features, the One UI 6 Watch beta is now available.


Samsung has announced the launch of its first One UI 6 Watch beta program for Galaxy Watch 6 and 6 Classic owners in the U.S. The beta program introduces several upgraded health features powered by Galaxy AI and a range of new gesture controls. Currently, it appears that only Bluetooth-supported devices can participate in the beta, while LTE variants will have to wait for their turn.

The initial One UI 6 Watch beta is headlined by a few health-related features supported by Galaxy AI. One notable feature is an energy score in Samsung Health, which helps users monitor their energy levels. This score is based on physical and mental readiness, determined by analyzing sleep and physical data. Users will receive personalized insights, advising them to rest if their score is low or to push forward if it is high. This new approach aims to provide users with a more comprehensive understanding of their overall well-being, integrating various health metrics into a single, easy-to-understand score.

With new gestures and Galaxy AI health features, the One UI 6 Watch beta is now available. 5

Samsung’s sleep analysis has also been enhanced with Galaxy AI, now providing a detailed report that includes heart rate, respiratory rate, and the time taken to fall asleep the previous night. This deeper insight into sleep patterns can help users make more informed decisions about their sleep hygiene and overall health. By offering such detailed information, Samsung aims to empower users to take proactive steps in improving their sleep quality, which is a crucial aspect of overall health and wellness.

The health features in the beta conclude with a new option to create a custom workout routine. Users can combine various workouts and set targets for sets, reps, and other metrics, offering a more personalized fitness experience. This customization allows users to tailor their workouts to their specific goals and fitness levels, making the Galaxy Watch 6 and 6 Classic more versatile tools for health and fitness enthusiasts. The ability to create and track personalized workout routines can significantly enhance the effectiveness of users’ fitness regimes, helping them achieve their goals more efficiently.

With new gestures and Galaxy AI health features, the One UI 6 Watch beta is now available. 6

Gesture controls on the Galaxy Watch 6 and 6 Classic have been upgraded, starting with a double pinch feature. Users can pinch their index finger and thumb to perform various actions, such as answering calls, dismissing alarms, sifting through notifications, controlling music, snapping photos, and more. This intuitive control scheme aims to make interacting with the watch more seamless and user-friendly, reducing the need for more cumbersome touchscreen interactions. By making these controls more intuitive, Samsung is enhancing the overall user experience, making the Galaxy Watch 6 and 6 Classic more accessible and easier to use in various situations.

Additionally, Galaxy watches now have the ability to determine which apps can send notifications to the watch without requiring the Wearable app to be opened. This feature gives users more control over their notification settings, allowing them to prioritize important alerts while minimizing distractions. By offering more granular control over notifications, Samsung is helping users manage their digital lives more effectively, reducing the potential for notification overload and enhancing focus and productivity.

The Galaxy Watch Modes have been upgraded to control more settings on the device based on the user’s activities or location. These modes can manage settings such as Do Not Disturb, Always On Display, Raise Wrist to Wake, Touch Screen to Wake, Touch Bezel to Wake, Sound Mode, and Disconnection Alerts. This enhancement aims to provide a more tailored user experience, adjusting the watch’s behavior according to the user’s context. For example, the watch can automatically switch to a more discreet mode during meetings or activate more responsive features during workouts, enhancing usability and convenience.

With new gestures and Galaxy AI health features, the One UI 6 Watch beta is now available. 7

Universal gestures are another significant addition in the One UI 6 Watch beta. These gestures provide users with quick access to controls relevant to their ongoing activities without manually changing focus. For example, tapping the bottom of the watch’s UI will display ongoing activities like phone calls, exercise sessions, and music. This feature is designed to streamline interactions with the watch, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. By simplifying access to important functions, Samsung is making the Galaxy Watch 6 and 6 Classic more efficient tools for daily use.

Samsung advises users that some of their watch apps may need to be updated after installing the beta program. Detailed information about the beta program and the necessary preparations can be found in the recruitment notice within the Samsung Members app. Interested users can enter the app and navigate to Notices > Registration for One UI Watch Beta Program to begin the enrollment process. This structured approach ensures that users are well-informed about the beta process and can participate smoothly, contributing to a more comprehensive testing and feedback cycle.

Samsung is once again launching its wearable software beta in June, ahead of its summer Unpacked event. It is important to note that the One UI 6 Watch beta is based on Google’s Wear OS 5 software. Rumors suggest that the upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 will feature this new OS upon its release later this summer. This integration with Wear OS 5 highlights Samsung’s commitment to leveraging the latest software advancements to enhance the functionality and user experience of its devices.

The Galaxy Watch 6 continues Samsung’s trend of delivering high-quality wearables. The device offers a slight performance boost over its predecessor, along with a larger and brighter display. It also boasts fast charging capabilities, making it a reliable companion throughout the day. Samsung’s commitment to enhancing user experience through regular updates and new features ensures that the Galaxy Watch 6 remains a competitive option in the smartwatch market. By continuously refining its wearable technology, Samsung is positioning the Galaxy Watch series as a leading choice for consumers looking for advanced, user-friendly smartwatches.

With new gestures and Galaxy AI health features, the One UI 6 Watch beta is now available. 8

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