The Last Of Us Director Playfully Teases Ellie With A Game Of Thrones Reference

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The showrunner of The Last of Us playfully annoys Bella Ramsey, who plays the lead role of Ellie in the HBO video game adaptation, with a famous line from Game of Thrones. Prior to her role as Ellie, Ramsey played the strong and young Lady Lyanna Mormont, leader of House Mormont, in Game of Thrones. Furthermore, Pedro Pascal, Ramsey’s co-star in The Last of Us, also appeared in Game of Thrones as Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorne.

While promoting The Last of Us, the two actors revisit a number of phrases from the well-known fantasy series, talking about their favorite lines and ones that they have been unable to avoid.

Although Pascal and Ramsey have received plaudits for their performances in The Last of Us, many people, not just fans, still know them as their Game of Thrones characters. The Last of Us co-showrunner Craig Mazin is fond of quoting the sentence “we’re not a huge home, but we’re a proud one” to Ramsey, according to the video in which Ramsey reveals that one of Lyanna’s many famous lines has accompanied the actor to the set of her new HBO series. See the actor’s comments below:

“I think [We’re not a large house, but we’re a proud one] was from, Game of Thrones…I think I say it. You know who would know that also? Craig Mazin. He says that line to me far too often.”

Ellie and Lyannna have a lot in common

Ramsey had a minor part in Game of Thrones as Lyanna, but the tough character stood out from the heads of other houses owing to her age and tenacity up to the character’s heroic death scene in season 8, episode 3, “The Long Night,” which Ramsey had previously recounted with pleasure. Ramsey received plaudits for her subtle portrayal as Lyanna on Game of Thrones, and the admiration for her ability has only risen. Ramsey plays a major role in The Last of Us and is already gaining more of a reputation for the character of Ellie, thus it’s funny that Mazin frequently brings up the actor’s former role by referencing Lyanna.

The Last Of Us Director Playfully Teases Ellie With A Game Of Thrones Reference 3

Given the parallels between Ramsey’s present position and his or her prior persona, it is not surprising that Mazin was motivated to use a Lyanna quotation when filming The Last of Us. Although the universes of Game of Thrones and The Last of Us are quite different, there are several noteworthy similarities between the witty teen Ellie and the poised young Lyanna. Lyanna was a beloved character among viewers, and during her tenure on the fantasy series, her uncommon intelligence, tenacity, and bravery produced a number of priceless moments.

Ellie is also young, but she’s tough, obstinate, brave, and smart. Ellie and Lyanna are both unafraid to speak up against individuals who are more powerful than them or in a position of authority. When they are underestimated, both are capable of delivering clever and thought-provoking responses. With a few more episodes to go, viewers of both programs may expect to see Lyanna in Ramsey’s Ellie more and more as The Last of Us season 1 progresses.

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