The Best Web Series of 2022 That You Should Watch

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The year 2022 has been fantastic for the web series overall, and it hasn’t even ended yet. We have watched some very horrifying shows, like Stranger Things and All of Us Are Dead, that has left us both horrified and utterly entertained. Our picks for the top web series of 2022 are listed below for you to add to your watchlist right away:

  1. Stranger Things
The Best Web Series of 2022 That You Should Watch 11

The Stranger Things television series, an American science fiction horror thriller, was created by the Duffer Brothers. Additionally, they serve as the show’s executive producers and showrunners. The first season of the program debuted on July 15, 2016, on Netflix. Release dates for its second, third, and fourth seasons were October 2017, July 2019, May, and July 2022. In February 2022, the program was renewed for a fifth and final season. A Netflix original series called Stranger Things is mainly set in the 1980s in the invented town of Hawkins, Indiana. It is concentrated on the enigmas and supernatural events that occur in the town and how they impact a cast of juvenile and adult individuals. The cast of the show includes Natalia Dyer, Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, and Caleb McLaughlin.

  1. Heartstopper
The Best Web Series of 2022 That You Should Watch 12

Heartstopper, a British coming-of-age romantic comedy television series available on Netflix, was based on the webcomic and graphic book of the same name by Alice Oseman. The gay high school student Charlie Spring (Joe Locke), who develops affection for Nick Nelson (Kit Connor), a classmate he sits next to in his new form, is the main character of the series, which was developed by Oseman herself. Tara (William Gao), Darcy (Corinna Brown), Elle (Yasmin Finney), and Tara’s lives are also covered (Kizzy Edgell).

  1. All of Us Are Dead
The Best Web Series of 2022 That You Should Watch 13

Online streaming is available for the zombie apocalypse horror television series All of Us Are Dead from South Korea. The cast of the production includes Yoo In-soo, Lee Yoo-mi, Yoon Chan-young, Cho Yi-Hyun, Lomon Kim Byung-Chul, Lee Kyu-Hyung, and Jeon Bae-soo. A zombie apocalypse threatens the kids’ existence for the bulk of the series, which is set in a South Korean high school. Joo Dong-Now Geun’s at Our School, a Naver webcomic that was published between 2009 and 2011, is the source of the story. One of the top online series of 2022 is without a doubt this wonderful program.

  1. The Sandman
The Best Web Series of 2022 That You Should Watch 14

An American fantasy drama television series with the same name was inspired by the DC Comics comic book The Sandman, which was published from 1989 to 1996. The Netflix original series was produced by DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television and stars Gaiman, David S. Goyer, and Allan Heinberg. The Sandman narrates the tale of Morpheus, the eponymous Sandman, just like in the comic. In the musical, Boyd Holbrook, Vivienne Acheampong, and Patton Oswalt all play supporting roles for Tom Sturridge, who plays Morpheus.

  1. Bridgerton
The Best Web Series of 2022 That You Should Watch 15

Julia Quinn’s books served as the inspiration for the historical romance television program Bridgerton. Chris Van Dusen created this, Shondaland’s first written Netflix production. It is set in the competitive world of Regency-era London’s Society and centers on the titular Bridgerton family. The story is set in the time of the social season when young people from aristocratic and wealthy families are introduced into society and encouraged to find a suitable marriage partner. In terms of popularity, Bridgerton’s second season immediately surpassed all other English-language Netflix programs.

  1. The Umbrella Academy
The Best Web Series of 2022 That You Should Watch 16

Based on the same-named Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá comic book series, which is published by Dark Horse Comics, the American superhero web series The Umbrella Academy was created. The story revolves around a dysfunctional family of adopted superhero siblings who band together to solve the mystery of their father’s passing and the threat of the end of the world. Steve Blackman and Jeremy Slater worked together to produce it specifically for Netflix. The show’s first season debuted on Netflix on February 15, 2019. The first season of the program was given a second season order, which premiered on June 22, 2022. Netflix said that 45 million households have watched season one in its first month of availability in April 2019.

  1. Anatomy of a Scandal
The Best Web Series of 2022 That You Should Watch 17

Anatomy of a Scandal is a David E. Kelley and Melissa James Gibson-produced American thriller drama streaming television miniseries that is based on Sarah Vaughan’s book of the same name. On April 15, 2022, six of the show’s episodes were made available on Netflix.

  1. Ms. Marvel
The Best Web Series of 2022 That You Should Watch 18

Ms. Marvel is a miniseries produced for the Disney+ streaming platform, which was created by Bisha K. Ali. The show is based on the Marvel Comics character Kamala Khan, who is also known as Ms. Marvel. It is the sixth television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), which was developed by Marvel Studios and has the same timeline as the film series. The main character is 16-year-old Kamala Khan, an admirer of the Avengers who first struggles to fit in until discovering her own talents. The main directors were Adil and Bilall, while Ali was the lead writer.

  1. Under the Banner of Heaven
The Best Web Series of 2022 That You Should Watch 19

Under the Banner of Heaven, a true crime drama miniseries created by Dustin Lance Black is based on the book of the same name by Jon Krakauer. The show premiered on FX on Hulu on April 28, 2022. Gil Birmingham and Andrew Garfield play two cops investigating a horrific murder that could have a Mormon link in the film. The series, which revisits the controversy surrounding the Mormon religion, has received praise from critics. Andrew Garfield’s performance has also contributed to the series is one of the most highly regarded online shows of 2022.

  1. Tomorrow

Tomorrow, a South Korean television program produced by Kim Tae-yoon and Sung Chi-wook, stars Kim Hee-sun, Rowoon, Lee Soo-hyuk, and Yoon Ji-on. The series is based on a Naver webtoon about the grim reapers who guide the dead to save the living, which was published in 2017.

The Best Web Series of 2022 That You Should Watch 20

They are all really excellent online series that keeps you on the edge of your seat, warm your heart, or force you to confront a profound existential abyss. If you haven’t already, we hope you get around to watching them because, trust us, you are seriously missing out.

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