For Indian WWE Superstars, Triple H Must Do The Following.

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In the world of professional wrestling, WWE has a unique reputation, and for many years, it has been the dominant force.
India is one of the top-ranking countries when it comes to the WWE’s current largest markets, and this fact could prove to be very important for the business in the future.
Since Triple H now has creative power, we’re going to discuss 4 things that Triple H needs to do for Indian Superstars in this article.

In the WWE, establish a distinct brand for Indian superstars.

NXT, the WWE’s developing brand, was launched in 2010.

Similar to how NXT India’s debut was reported at one point.
There is no denying that India is home to a sizable population of pro wrestling enthusiasts and that the country is not short on talent.
Jinder also had the distinction of winning a world championship throughout his professional career.
However, the organization currently does not have any Indian wrestlers who can frighten the entire pro wrestling industry.
Veer Mahan’s major campaign began a few months ago, however, it now appears that it has been abandoned.
Just to refresh your memory, Veer’s push coincided with an increase in Raw’s Indian viewership, therefore the promotion must center on bringing Veer or another Indian celebrity into the main event scene.

There should be more attention paid to Indian women wrestlers

The first female wrestler of Indian descent to visit WWE was Kavita Devi.
After around 4 years of employment in this promotion, he was let go in May 2021 as a result of budget constraints. After Kavita’s exit from NXT, the business is devoid of any Indian female pro wrestlers. She flew there and earned a lot of experience by competing in matches against numerous well-known superstars.
Young females in this nation would be inspired to pursue pro wrestling if there were more Indian women wrestlers in the WWE.

Create the Indian pop star Babyface Following The Great Khali’s victory as world champion, pro wrestling became increasingly popular in India.
Following that, Jinder Mahal was portrayed as the biggest Indian face in WWE and went on to win the World Championship.
Following that, Shanky, Veer Mahan, and The Bollywood Boys joined the main roster.
All of these superstars had one thing in common: they were all depicted as heels.
The notion of promoting Indian superstars from a fresh babyface perspective can turn out to be quite intriguing.

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