“Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan Reflect on Comedy Roles Amidst Dramatic Careers”

cillian murphy

In a candid interview dating back to 2016, renowned actors Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan, who joined forces for the WWII drama film “Anthropoid,” discussed the potential of venturing into comedy. The film itself delved into the audacious assassination attempt on SS General Reinhard Heydrich, Hitler’s third-in-command during World War II, shedding light on a lesser-known historical event through their portrayals of Czech soldiers Jan Kubis and Josef Gabck.

Both Murphy and Dornan are celebrated for their dramatic prowess, but when the topic of comedy roles arose, the two actors shared a humorous exchange. Dornan, known for his transformative role as the chilling serial killer Paul Spector in the BBC drama series “The Fall,” responded with wit, saying, “You do a couple of roles that are dramatic, and it just so happens that you wouldn’t be first on a comedy producer’s list.” He continued, “The two of us in a comedy just isn’t going to happen; I don’t think any studio or independent filmmaker would think that’s a good idea.”

Dornan’s emotional connection to his role as Paul Spector was also a focal point of the interview. Despite the challenging and intense nature of the character, he expressed a deep attachment and willingness to continue playing Paul Spector indefinitely if the opportunity arose.

Given their impressive portfolios of melodramatic roles, the conversation naturally led to the possibility of transitioning into comedy. Dornan playfully acknowledged that, after tackling numerous dramatic roles, they might not be the top choice for comedy producers. He added that the prospect of him and Murphy starring in a comedy together probably wouldn’t be deemed a good idea by studios or independent filmmakers.

While the world may not have seen Murphy and Dornan in a comedy yet, their talents continue to shine in the realm of drama, captivating audiences with their exceptional performances.

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