Chase Bank Takes Drastic Action: Shuts Down Dr. Joseph Mercola’s Companies’ Accounts

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“I’m not sure why they did that specifically. However, we have reviewed all of our records. Nothing was done by us.’

Accounts for businesses owned by well-known COVID-19 vaccine sceptic Dr. Joseph Mercola are being closed by JPMorgan Chase.

According to notices examined by The Epoch Times, the principal accounts for a number of Mercola-owned companies, including Mercola Market, are being closed down in August.

The letters state that financial institutions “have a duty to know our customers and monitor transactions that flow through our customers’ accounts.” We chose to cancel your account after giving it some thought due to unusual activities on these or another Chase account.

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Also being closed are the accounts for Mercola, CEO Steven Rye, Mr Rye’s wife, CFO Amalia Legaspi, Mr Legaspi, and Mr Legaspi’s son.

The account holders have till August 11 to transfer money to another organisation.

They have attempted to learn the precise cause of the harsh action.

In a message, Chase vice president Anthony Anesi informed Mr. Rye that he had inquired about the cause and “was told for legal reasons they can not tell me why they are closing the account.”

In order to submit a request for reconsideration, Mr. Anesi obtained copies of the notices.

“Once we request reconsideration, there is no assurance that the accounts will remain open. That cannot be guaranteed. But since you’re a good customer of our institution, we’ll try,” Mr. Anesi added.

Mr. Rye informed The Epoch Times that during phone conversations with Chase representatives, they claimed they were unable to access the backend to view modifications made there but that changes had been done there.

Mr. Rye asserted that he believes Chase made its decision either on the basis of illegal accountholder actions, which he claims did not occur, or on actions by Chase itself, which might be in violation of a recent Florida legislation that forbids banks from refusing to provide services to anyone based on their religious, political, or social convictions.

Dr. Mercola has been a vocal opponent of both the COVID-19 vaccines and the government’s response to them. The Epoch Times reprints a few of his articles.

Chase “refused to provide any justification” for the debanking, according to a statement from Dr. Mercola.

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