A major statement about halting the winning streak of the previous champion

The veteran made a significant declaration regarding ending the previous champion’s winning streak at the hands of WWE Superstar John Cena.

The former US Champion Rusev’s winning run was broken by John Cena, according to recent comments from WWE icon Road Dogg. No superstar was able to defeat Rusev by pinfall or submission for a year after his WWE debut. Following this, John Cena defeated Rusev at WrestleMania 31 in 2015 to halt his winning streak.

Rusev is presently appearing in AEW as Miro after being let go by WWE in the year 2020.

When discussing the booking of the John Cena vs. Rusev match at WrestleMania 31 on Wrestling Outlaws, Rod Dog, aka Brian James, said-

For John Cena to defeat Rusev at WrestleMania, he was forced. We took that action. This method of thinking is not brand-new. There is a rationale behind this, even though it is not particularly inventive. We’re going to give this heel (Rusev) a tremendous push, and Cena is going to beat him. After that, we’re going to try to move on.

In the years 2017–18, Rusev rose to fame among fans as Babyface. James, who at the time served as the show’s lead writer, claimed that Rusev’s popularity was wasted by WWE.

Jim said:

You don’t always know why, but when he turned into Babyface, he gained a lot of popularity, and the WWE’s decision-makers allegedly prevented him from becoming a great celebrity.

Rusev’s momentum dipped after he lost to John Cena in the WWE.

TMZ revealed in 2015 that Lana and Rusev were indeed engaged. The two then took part in a love triangle including Dolph Ziggler and Summer Ray. Following that, Vince McMahon abruptly put an end to this plot.

Bryan continued by saying that following the altercation with John Cena, Rusev was severely injured.

Brian James remarked:

He and Lana were having some issues. They were involved in a plot and were also engaged. Some topics drew unfavorable opinions from the public. This shouldn’t prevent you from earning money, in my opinion. Meero is the kind of person that, in my opinion, you could have made money with.

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