A.I. in the music business doesn’t worry Sugababes since it’s heartless.


The Sugababes, a British girl group comprising Siobhán Donaghy, Mutya Buena, and Keisha Buchanan, recently shared their thoughts on artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential impact on the music industry. Speaking at Capital’s Summertime Ball with Barclaycard, Mutya Buena expressed a relaxed stance towards AI, stating that while it’s a topic some people consider, it hasn’t been a concern for them. Siobhán Donaghy added to this sentiment, acknowledging that AI has been experimented with in songwriting contexts, but she emphasized that AI-generated music lacks the emotional depth and authenticity that they value in their own music. For the Sugababes, music is about conveying genuine emotions and connecting with listeners on a personal level, something they believe AI currently cannot replicate.

Reflecting on their musical journey as a group, the Sugababes highlighted their reunion in 2011 as a significant and fulfilling experience. Each member had previously left the group at different times before coming back together, and this reunion has been a source of joy and creativity for them. They described the reunion as “really incredible,” emphasizing the excitement of performing together again and their dedication to creating new music that resonates with both longtime fans and new audiences.

A.I. in the music business doesn't worry Sugababes since it's heartless. 3

Mutya Buena expressed pride in their ability to tour and engage with their fanbase, highlighting the importance of connecting with audiences through their music. Siobhán Donaghy echoed this sentiment, noting their commitment to not only celebrating their past hits but also exploring new musical directions. This includes their ongoing work on a new album, a testament to their continuous evolution as artists in the ever-changing music industry.

Looking ahead, the Sugababes eagerly anticipate upcoming milestones in their career, such as their performance at Glastonbury, which they see as a significant opportunity to showcase their music on a prestigious stage and reconnect with their audience. They expressed gratitude for the chance to continue pursuing their passion for music, recognizing that longevity in the industry is not guaranteed for every artist.

Their recent performance at London’s Wembley Stadium during the Summertime Ball was a standout moment for the group. Keisha Buchanan described the experience as “amazing,” reflecting the energy and enthusiasm they bring to their live shows. This performance not only reaffirmed their place in the music scene but also solidified their bond as a group dedicated to delivering memorable performances and meaningful music to their fans.

A.I. in the music business doesn't worry Sugababes since it's heartless. 4

Overall, the Sugababes’ perspective on AI underscores their belief in the irreplaceable value of human emotion and creativity in music. Their journey from individual pursuits back to a collective reunion showcases their resilience and enduring passion for their craft. As they navigate their career, from releasing new music to thrilling live performances, the Sugababes continue to leave a lasting impression on the music industry with their distinctive sound and unwavering dedication to authenticity.

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