Before the start of preseason, these were the major storylines

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The shadow cast by Westbrook over the Los Angeles Lakers It’s hard to imagine, but on Friday the preseason will officially begin in Tokyo with a matchup between the Warriors and Wizards!
It’s time to review the major plotlines before the new season premieres on October 18: What is going on in Westbrook?
How are the Nets and Suns handling the controversy from the offseason?
Who else is also being exchanged?

Russell Westbrook and the Los Angeles Lakers: A Temporary Union?

When and for whom would Russell Westbrook be traded seemed to be the biggest concern in Lakers land a few weeks ago.
The point guard is still a member of the Lakers at the start of training camp.
On media day, general manager Rob Pelinka stated that he would use all of his resources to create a team that would truly fight for the championship.
The likelihood of a title with the current “Big Three” is quite low due to Westbrook’s shooting flaws and his past refusal to alter his style.
In his statement, Pelinka also made it clear that it was possible to include the Lakers’ two remaining first-round picks (2027 and 2029), which are likely the team’s most valuable assets, in a deal package.

Are these the first indications that Westbrook will be traded soon?
He accurately stated that since the Lakers only have these two first-round picks remaining to discuss, they only have “one shot” to make a trade.
He would have undoubtedly pulled the trigger long ago if he had a workable Westbrook deal on the table.

Lakers of Los Angeles What is the breakdown of the roles?

Changes are now required, but on media day, head coach Darvin Ham refused to allow anyone to see his cards.
He mentioned the two newcomers Patrick Beverley and Dennis Schröder and stated, “We have various possibilities.
It will be very interesting to observe how the guard rotation responsibilities develop during the preseason.

The Athletic reports that there is still no consensus on who will start at point guard, shooting guard (Beverley, Lonnie Walker, and Austin Reaves are among contenders), and center (Thomas Bryant or Damian Jones).

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