The 29-year-old musician used Instagram to flaunt his pink hair, adding another sexy picture to his 2022 Selfies Collection

Zayn, who is known for rocking various hair colours and styles, has just become the newest celebrity to sport pink hair.

Just a few hours after being posted on Instagram, Zayn Malik's dashing picture has received over two million likes.

 Zayn caught everyone's attention with his piercing look and unkempt pink hair as he flaunted his numerous tattoos by donning a white netted ganji and a large silver chain.

His fans went wild for the new pink ‘do, with one commenting, “the prettiest boy on earth” and another saying, “I don’t know how to breathe anymore.”

Perhaps his breakup from Gigi Hadid, with whom he shares 1-year-old daughter Khai, inspired Malik, 29, to switch up his look

The singer loves to switch up his look, having rocked everything from a shaved head to blue hair in the past.

Meanwhile, Zayn Malik recently left Directioners squealing with joy with a heartwarming Instagram post, featuring a video of the Pillowtalk singer crooning One Direction's popular song You & I.

It got a like from 1D member Louis Tomlinson, a rare interaction between the ex-best friends, which made it even sweeter.

ZStans continue to impatiently await any information about new music from Zayn, but for the time being, we're more than happy for Malik to leave us smitten with his ever-so-gorgeous selfies.