Netflix’s Young Royals announced last year that the second season would premiere in 2022, and after a long period of silence, we’ve finally gotten some good news. 

On May 11, the streaming service’s official Twitter account announced that filming on the second set of episodes had been completed.

The photos were accompanied with the following caption: “Season 2 of Young Royals is now complete! I’m excited to see what happens next for Wilhelm and Simon.” 

The Swedish series follows Prince Wilhelm of Sweden, a young prince, as he enrols in a fictional luxury boarding school and begins a relationship with fellow student and choir boy Simon Eriksson. 

The first season ended with a sex tape of Wilhelm and Simon being leaked to the public, which is bad enough, but it also poses issues because Wilhelm is compelled to remain closedted as a royal, therefore ending their relationship. 

The two clearly still have feelings for each other, so we’ll have to wait and see if things improve in season 2. 

Fans have also asked when the next episodes will be released, and we believe they will arrive in late 2022 or early 2023. .

ASo, what is the plot of the popular adolescent drama?  

Wilhelm begins to fantasise about a future free of royal responsibility and unconditional love .

ASeason 2 filming began in February, and we previously anticipated that if there are six episodes here, as there were in season 1, we should see the new episodes sometime in the autumn.