There is no doubt that Season 4 of Netflix’s psychological thriller You will take viewers and lead character Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) into uncharted territory.  

However, it appears like Joe’s world is going to become upside down.  

A new show poster teases a new power structure, suggesting that Joe may not be as in charge as he once believed. 

A image of Joe in his new capacity as Professor Moore standing in what seems to be a campus common area was posted on the official You Instagram account. 

A suited and booted Joe stands out among the sea of champagne and couture among his class of wealthy, gorgeous classmates.  

His mistrust is obvious as he displays an expression more befitting of a very disgruntled headmaster than a lecturer.  

His class, though, poses with ease and everything seems to be a little lifeless in the eyes.  

Joe couldn’t care less about social hierarchy, as regular viewers know, thus there might be another murderer among them. 

The poster is perfectly in sync with the brand-new Season 4 trailer, which was released earlier today. 

Watching Joe writhe as he has made his victims do countless times, with the shoe firmly on the other foot, there is a bizarre sense of karmic justice.