All WWE superstars were required to abide by highly rigorous regulations that Vince McMahon had established while serving as the organization’s chairman. 

On the other side, there haven’t been many intense wrestling-style matches throughout the PG Era or The New Era. 

WWE has featured a lot of past hardcore matches when wrestlers engaged in extremely risky maneuvers. 

Jeff Hardy, a WWE legend, once miscalculated his age when applying to the company. He had a highly historic journey from that time to become a hardcore wrestling icon. 

Hardy has frequently been observed performing movements that are so risky that a misstep during a landing could have been fatal.  

Not just in the WWE but throughout the history of pro wrestling, Mick Foley is regarded as one of the best hardcore wrestlers. 

The most noteworthy quality of Mick is his dedication to the sport of wrestling, as evidenced by the fact that he used to smile even after performing lethal maneuvers. 

As we previously mentioned, the number of intense wrestling battles has significantly decreased in the WWE’s contemporary period. 

Due to this, many dedicated wrestlers, including Dean Ambrose, were unable to compete in such contests. 

Ambrose has demonstrated his dedication to wrestling in numerous WWE matches by persevering despite being in poor physical condition.