Wiz Khalifa released his new single, Never Drinking Again, before New Year's Eve.

Taking to Instagram to announce the same, the singer and rapper wrote, "Just in time for New Year. Enjoy your festivities drink responsibly and tag me when you use this sound in your video the day after #neverdrinkingagain."  

Additionally, the song's cover image, which featured Wiz slouching over Christmas gifts, was made public.

After the release of his most recent album Multiverse in July and its deluxe version in October, Wiz Khalifa has just released a new song.

Khalifa experimented with many musical genres for the project, and he himself called them "soulful." 

 The rapper recently made news when he said it would be "cool" to compete against Lil Wayne in a Verzuz-style competition.

Khalifa participated as Chameleon in season five of The Masked Singer in 2021, where he placed third.

Wiz Khalifa's latest song features the rapper and singer retracing his travels while suffering from a hangove, "Lotta women, no liquor/I don’t really want my head spinning/I know where to start, know the beginning. It be like two shots then I’m loaded/Then them two shots turn to 40/Then I wake up in the morning like/How did I slip up?/When I said I wasn’t drinking again."

Cameron Thomaz, as Wiz Khalifa, was born in North Dakota. Before arriving in the Steel City, he travelled to England, Germany, and Japan.

The rapper has insisted that his travels abroad helped him expand his horizons.