One day after Christmas, on December 26, Season 1 of Treason became available on Netflix.

This espionage thriller series by Matt Charman centres on the British secret intelligence service and its double-dealing operatives. 

 It seems doubtful that Treason will have another season on Netflix, according to a story published in Treason will be a limited series, the OTT platform confirmed.

The creators of the sitcom and the OTT platform will consider continuing the show if season 1's reception is positive enough. 

Then, Netflix may order a second season to capitalise on it.

We have summarised some of the most well-liked predictions about the Season 2 narrative, despite the seemingly limitless supply of fan ideas.

She is a character in the novel who is still working in the industry and might become involved in a brand-new case anywhere in the world, whether it be in her native Russia or a different location.