Inside Man is a drama-thriller television series developed by Steven Moffat.  

The four-episode series premiered on September 26, 2022, and was broadcast on BBC One.  

Inside Man, starring Tucci and David Tennant, tells the tale of a killer on death row who solves cases and is mysterious enough that people from the outside world bring him.  

Tennant plays a vicar whose life is changed by a misunderstanding that occurs over the course of the following two days. 

The post-credit scene, in which Janice visits Grieff to ask for help with her husband’s death, seems to suggest that Inside Man will return for a second season, but there has been no word on that as of yet.  

There is definitely a chance to continue the series, given that Grieff is intended to be put to death 

As evidenced by his rejection of the case of the mysterious $253.55 payments, Grieff only takes cases that are morally worthless. 

When asked why her husband isn’t dead, Janice responds, “No, but he deserves to be.” Janice’s past is undoubtedly bleak, whether it involves domestic abuse or something else.  

The mirroring that might occur as a result of Janice’s journey to Grieff is the most intriguing option.  

The similarities between the two characters would also give a justification for revisiting figures like Beth, a journalist friend of Janice’s, Ben, Harry’s son, and David Tennant, who played Harry in the Netflix series.