The Empress, a period drama on Netflix, has received a considerable lot of praise from viewers, many of whom have compared it to Bridgerton and The Crown.  

The Empress also ranks in the top 10 shows on the streaming service. 

The lavish royal flair, the elaborate settings and the costumes.  

For season 1, all of these components combine to provide an enticing aesthetic appeal. 

The visuals would have assured a pleasant watching experience even if the story quality had been poor. 

This television series is based on the life of Austria’s Empress Elisabeth

The television show depicts her brief relationship with Austria’s Emperor Franz Joseph I and how her life transformed as a result of assuming royal responsibilities.  

Elisabeth, affectionately referred to as Sisi by her Bavarian family, was a romantic who objected to being forced to carry out traditional female roles.  

She was idealistic and sympathetic, and she frequently made choices that weren’t always best for the Empire. 

Elisabeth disobeyed social conventions and was frequently spotted smoking. She is noted for her independence and nonconformist outlook on life.