Will Smith may not have a role in Lewis Hamilton’s racing movie with Brad Pitt 

Lewis Hamilton is producing a movie about Formula One racing, claiming it will be the best ever made 

Hamilton plans to include exceptional visuals and emotional impact to resonate with all racing fans 

Will Smith has expressed interest in appearing in Hamilton's film, but it's unclear if he'll be offered a role 

Smith joked that he might need to lose weight to fit in a car, but he hasn't been approached for the role yet 

Despite producing the movie, Hamilton won't be acting in it, and drivers will participate in the on-track sequences 

The film will use the same technology as Top Gun: Maverick, and it will be produced by Hamilton's new company, Dawn Apollo Films 

Joseph Kosinski, the Oscar-nominated director of Top Gun: Maverick, will direct Hamilton's racing movie 

The movie's screenplay will be written by Ehren Kruger, who also wrote Top Gun: Maverick 

Stay tuned for more updates on whether Will Smith will have a role in Lewis Hamilton's racing movie with Brad Pitt