Since Margot Robbie’s Pirates of the Caribbean project has been declared dead, much less is in the way of a Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 starring Johnny Depp.  

The Pirates of the Caribbean spinoff starring Margot Robbie, which was first announced in June 2020, has been in limbo for more than two years. 

But the actor recently revealed that the project was scrapped because Disney was not interested. 

Robbie’s project has been officially cancelled, and the actor’s justification is instructive. 

Robbie described her proposal as “a different kind of story,” implying that Disney doesn’t want to veer too far from the formula for franchises.  

This brings up the Jack Sparrow issue from the Pirates of the Caribbean films: without Johnny Depp’s antihero 

obbie’s departure, however, eliminates a potential obstacle to the creation of a Depp-led Pirates of the Caribbean 6 and makes Depp’s return seem more feasible than ever before. 

In May 2022, producer Jerry Bruckheimer revealed that two more Pirates of the Caribbean films, the Robbie spinoff, and an unconnected sixth film were all in the works. 

Depp was not involved, he claimed, but the future is still to be determined.  

Disney would be less likely to need Johnny Depp’s star power to propel the brand if the Robbie-led reboot was still in production.