With eight amazing episodes, Guillermo Del Toro has provided us with a monster-filled horror anthology to enjoy this year.  

With Cabinet of Curiosities, we have an excellent anthology series where each episode seems like a full-length movie.  

Everyone can appreciate this series because each episode is unique from the previous one.  

This show must rely on its varied storytelling to maintain the pace if it receives the justly deserved second season renewal. 

In order to make each episode fresh and unlike anything we have seen before, Cabinet of Curiosities adapts many short stories as well as newly written pieces. 

This season, the show has already covered “The Pickman’s Model” and “Dreams in the Witch House” by H. P. Lovecraft

In addition to other authors’ short stories and comics being adapted here, Del Toro has written two episodes.  

The show will need to go more deeply into this strategy for a potential second season of stories. 

Cabinet of Curiosities has not yet received a second season from Netflix as of now.  

A season’s decision to be renewed is influenced by a number of variables, such as the cost of production and viewership statistics.