Season 4 of DC’s Titans is already shaping up to be the craziest season yet for Dick Grayson and his friends despite the show’s reputation for leaning into turmoil and embracing the sillier aspects of superhero lore.  

Even the most fervent Titans fan must undoubtedly concede that the HBO Max live-action TV drama thrives on chaos.  

The first season of Titans began with the infamous “f**k Batman” phrase and ended with an odd dream sequence set in the Batcave.  

That established the tone for a series that later resulted in the deaths of the Joker twice, Red Hood’s transformation into Jesse Pinkman.

And Bruce Wayne performing dance moves that even the brilliant Adam West would find questionable. 

And yet, despite all odds, Titans season 4 appears to far transcend the craziness of previous seasons.  

The significant antagonists of Titans season 4 are Brother Blood and Mother Mayhem, who introduce the Church of Blood and encourage a variety of horror film clichés.  

Titans are enjoying the chance to flex its classic horror muscles, from noodle worms to blood pouring down a family’s windows. 

However, Jinx’s appearance simultaneously adds Elves to the Titans’ boiling pot. 

This clash of styles, typically found in holiday horror comedies, makes Titans season 4 the craziest ever.