Jamie Lee Curtis, who stars in Knives Out, reveals why she was taken aback by the movie’s popularity. 

The actress from Halloween appears in Knives Out as Linda Drysdale, the eldest child of best-selling crime author Harlan Thrombey, 85.

Harlan is an 85-year-old man. Linda and the other Thrombey family members won’t be seen in the future sequel since Blanc moves to Greece in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Case to uncover a whole other mystery. 

Johnson was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Knives Out. 

The whodunit, which cost $40 million to produce, made $311 million at the movie office.  

Due to the film’s surprise popularity, Netflix spent $469 million to acquire the rights to two sequels, the first of which will be released this year. 

Curtis discussed the popularity of Knives Out in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly on her most well-known performances throughout the years.  

The actress had no clue how it would come out and was delighted when it became such a hit because she was “very secluded” throughout filming and didn’t have much screen time. 

It makes sense that Curtis wasn’t sure how Knives Out would come out throughout production and was consequently taken aback by its popularity.  

Expectations for Johnson’s follow-up are quite high because of his practically immaculate record.