Why Did John Cena's Management Suggest That He Ignore the Barbie Cameo?  

American actor and professional wrestler John Cena disclosed that his management advised him not to participate in the Barbie film.  

If John Cena, the well-known American professional wrestler and actor, hadn't followed his instincts, he would have actually declined the chance to appear in Barbie.  

. He revealed in a recent Howard Stern Show appearance that his team had warned him against making the move. 

"I'm grateful it's just me and my manager," John Cena said in his explanation. We operate like a straightforward, two-person team." 

According to an article in the PEOPLE, "And a company that looks for opportunities—I don't blame them; they're just acting based on what they understand." 

And they comprehend that "we should stick to this path because this entity, this product, leans towards these types of projects." However, I'm not a product," he went on.  

"I'm a human being, and I approach every chance as an opportunity," Cena stated. 

Barbie's role as a merman came about because of the actor's meeting with Margot Robbie on the same studio lot, even though he was busy filming Fast X.  

John Cena's agency was not persuaded, even though the Barbie producer and actor had assured them that the shoot would only take "half a day." 

"This role is beneath you, which I understand," the agent said of the WWE wrestler. "But to their credit, they quickly agreed, and I said, 'No, we're doing it,' but they can only offer advice," added Cena. "Ultimately, the decision is mine." 

"This might take you away from leading roles," is their advise. I get it," Cena continued. But I've always thought that opportunities come with hard work.