Why bringing back IG-11 in The Mandalorian doesn't make sense, despite the character's popularity with fans

The return of the character is inexplicable and undermines the emotional impact of his previous sacrifice 

IG-11's character arc involved a transformation from a cold-blooded killer to a selfless protector 

The loss of the character in the first season finale was a significant moment in the show's narrative 

The decision to bring back the character contradicts the show's previous explanations and logic and ignores the emotional stakes of the previous season 

The character's task requires a non-organic ally due to the dangerous conditions of the planet 

The decision to specifically bring back IG-11 instead of enlisting a new ally is illogical and unnecessary 

The character's behavior upon being reactivated contradicts his previous reprogramming, creating a sense of inconsistency in the show's narrative 

The destruction of the character's memory chip makes the decision to bring him back even more illogical, and his past behavior and memory loss make him an unreliable ally 

The decision to bring back the character seems to be a move to please fans rather than a logical choice that serves the narrative.