In the Netflix drama series Virgin River, Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson portray two people who are very much in love.  

And it appears that the performers have a lovely friendship in real life. 

Most recently, the group members attempted the “Tortilla Challenge,” a viral Tiktok craze that had just one apparent winner. 

Are you curious about the Tortilla Challenge? Both competitors in the TikTok challenge smack each other with tortillas while trying to keep a mouthful of water.  

They must attempt to contain their water throughout each tortilla slap to win the game. 

Breckenridge and Henderson take a sip of water from their water bottles at the beginning of the clip. 

The actress is having a very, very difficult time maintaining her composure as she slaps her co-star in the face with the tortilla.  

Despite her best efforts, she can’t help but laugh at some point. Henderson raises his tortilla and performs a victory dance.  

Some of their cast mates immediately jumped into the comments section to express their thoughts on the clip. 

 That was simple, said Mark Ghanimé (a.k.a. Dr. Cameron Hayek), adding an emoji of laughter.