Pat McAfee is no longer a part of the commentary staff for WWE Smackdown.  

He will be replaced by Corey Graves, who presently joins Jimmy Smith and Byron Saxton on the Raw commentary team.  

Pat McAfee has been replaced on the WWE Smackdown commentary team with a new name.  

According to Zero News, McAfee will be temporarily replaced on the Blue brand by Corey Graves. 

According to reports, he will remain on the commentary team for the Red brand and will be reuniting with his former broadcast partner Michael Cole on Friday night for the foreseeable future. 

In the most recent Pat McAfee Show episode. The 35-year-old great discussed his choice to temporarily leave the organization. 

McAfee revealed that he intended to continue working as a SmackDown commentator and try to juggle both roles.  

After which this superstar said that he has nothing but love for the company.  

In addition to being wildly entertaining on commentary, Pat has showcased his skills as an in-ring contestant.  

WWE superstar Pat McAfee has decided to leave the organization temporarily.