While announcing his new song on Instagram, Charlie Puth burst into tears.

Charlie Puth, an American musician and songwriter, will release a new song this year called "That's Hilarious," which he announced on Instagram.

While the popular singer was narrating that he is “very excited” for the song, he broke down and said that the song is based on an emotionally damaging breakup in his life.

 In an Instagram video, Charlie Puth addressed his followers about the forthcoming release of his new song.

He began the video by expressing his delight, but the music obviously brought back some painful memories, as he couldn't hold back tears.

"It simply rears its ugly head every time- sorry- every time that I hear it," he continued. 

"I'm also really happy for you to hear it as well because I just heard the master, but it just sent me back to 2019, which was the f***ing worst year of my life," the Marvin Gaye singer said of his split, which occurred three years ago in 2019.

But every time I hear it I’m kind of brought back to the time that was really, really challenging in my life.”