Season 3 of Love Is Blind has officially returned to our list of must-watch episodes.  

Fans want to know if any of the Love Is Blind season 3 couples are still together, despite cringing at Andrew’s staged cry and asking how much the contestants are paid.  

As you may be aware, this season’s episodes are being released in phases. 

As a result, while the first three are already streaming, the next three won’t be accessible until next Wednesday, October 26, on Netflix. 

Fans are now making predictions about the current couples and whether they will survive the experiment. 

Season three of Love Is Blind saw the first engagement of 32-year-old Brennon and 27-year-old Alexa, who work as owners of insurance agencies and engineers for water treatment systems, respectively.  

Throughout the first four episodes, viewers saw the couple trying to establish a strong bond. 

They are not presently following one another on social media. Even while a trailer for upcoming episodes does have them both at the altar, does this spell trouble for a committed union? 

Everything looked very promising for 32-year-old real estate investor Nancy and 27-year-old senior analyst Bartise. 

Even though they had a bright future through the first four episodes, there are rumors that they are set to encounter a tough patch.