Another Formula 1 World Championship has come to an end, and as usual, there have been many interesting stories. F1: Drive to Survive will continue with those storylines in a subsequent season, but when will season 5 be released?  

Although there is no official release date as of yet, we can make a good educated guess based on previous seasons. 

If you were unaware, Netflix renewed Formula 1: Drive to Survive for a fifth and sixth season, which meant that Netflix would also cover the 2023 season. 

One of the many reasons the sport is expanding, notably in the United States, has been attributed to the show. With numerous plots and threads to follow, Season 5 is expected to be another thrilling season.  

The major rule modifications that were made prior to the start of the season significantly altered how closely cars could follow one another and increased overtaking.  

They’ll undoubtedly discuss the Red Bull spending cap breach controversy and discuss the struggles and triumphs of other clubs during the year. 

Let’s examine the last two F1 seasons: Drive to Survive at the commencement of the new season (Season 2 premiered in 2020 due to the postponement of the season): 

Netflix’s fourth season Season begins on March 20 after March 11th. Third season of Netflix Season begins on March 19; ends on March 28. 

So both of the previous seasons were released on Netflix in March, but they notable arrived 9 days before the race on Sunday (or 7 days before the start of FP1).