Outlander has just finished its sixth season   

Outlander is a Starz Original that has been airing since 2014 and is distributed by Sony Pictures Television.  

Its most current season, season 6, ran between March 6th and May 1st, 2022, and consisted of 8 episodes (remember this date for later on.) 

The series is still going strong, and while a seventh season has yet to be confirmed, a prequel series is in the works. 

The fantasy series routinely appears in Netflix’s top ten lists around the world, with most Netflix regions carrying it in varying degrees. 

Outlander’s sixth season continues Claire and Jamie’s quest to defend those they love as they face the hardships and difficulties of life in colonial America. 

The show is available in select Netflix areas as a Netflix Original, which means it is released solely by Netflix.  

. Beginning March 7th, 2022, new episodes will be available in these regions 24 hours after they show in the United States. 

Since season 2, these areas have had exclusive access to the show. 

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Season 5 of ‘Outlander’ will premiere on Netflix in the U S in May 2022