With its gripping storyline and touching sequences, Virgin River Season 4 got fans talking when it was released last month.  

Additionally, the way it ended simply stoked the viewers’ appetites. And if you’re one of them, you should be aware that Virgin River Season 5 is scheduled to debut on Netflix the following year. 

If you’ve watched Season 4, you’ll be aware that Mel and Jack have experienced their fair share of ups and downs, particularly as they navigate the parenting road.  

However, during all of that, we learned whether Jack is actually the baby’s father or not. Along with it, we also know about Doc’s grandchild and Jack’s shooter. 

There is so much intrigue about what fate will befall this small community, and whether or if the upcoming season will continue where the last one left off, considering that Season 5 of Virgin River has also been formally renewed for a fifth season and that we are aware of this. 

The fifth season of Virgin River, which is now under production, is not at all expected to air in August 2022. 

The day before the fourth season’s launch, on July 18, Virgin River Season 5 filming began. A prominent role in the present Canadian production belongs to Alexandra Breckenridge. 12 episodes are reportedly planned for Virgin River Season 5. 

This means that the availability of the upcoming season won’t begin until 2023. Season 4’s filming began in September and was completed in December of the following year.  

Since this is the case, Virgin River Season 5 will also occur between July and November 2022. 

Regardless, we still have some joyful news to impart to you. Season 5 might premiere before Season 4. 

We anticipate that Virgin River Season 5’s post-production will begin sooner rather than later since production will shortly be finished.  

However, that isn’t enough to guarantee a 2022 release date, so we can anticipate an early 2023 Netflix release instead. Although the official streaming behemoth has yet to make any official news on the debut date, we think that it will happen in May or June 2023.