When will Ginny & Georgia Season 2 be released?

Ginny & Georgia, a surprising mother-daughter series, wowed Netflix viewers last year with an explosive first season chock-full of plot twists and character betrayals. 

I travel to find myself in the eyes and hearts of others”

The first season’s drama was well-received by viewers, with over 52 million households tuning in during the first 28 days. 

All of this came despite widespread criticism of the show, including from Taylor Swift, who claimed that the script writers were mocking her with a sexist joke at her expense. Regardless, the show has been renewed for a second season… 

Ginny & Georgia, a Netflix blockbuster comedy, is taking viewers on a roller coaster ride. At first glance, Ginny and Georgia, a mother and daughter duo, may appear to have little in common 

They discover, however, that they have a lot more in common than they thought after settling in Wellsbury, Massachusetts. After the dramatic conclusion of season one, fans will be looking forward to the next chapter in the lives of the show’s characters. 

Everything you need to know about Ginny and Georgia’s Netflix future is right here, including the show’s renewal status, potential plot lines, and what fans are saying about the new family drama.

What will happen in Ginny & Georgia’s second season? Season two will consist of ten one-hour episodes. At the MTV Awards in May 2021, actress Antonia Gentry teased what to expect in the second season, saying, “It’s a roller-coaster ride.”

When will Ginny & Georgia Season 2 be released? Ginny and Georgia will return for a second season on Netflix on April 19, 2021, according to Netflix.