10. Pepsi, Where's My Jet?

In 1996, the "cola wars" were in full swing. Coke, the second-place brand, decided to launch their largest campaign ever because despite Pepsi's celebrity-filled advertisements, Coke still had the greater market share.

9. Little Angel

Sing along to timeless nursery rhymes and catchy new songs with Baby John and his family to help preschoolers learn about the world.

8. Manifest

The Stone family is in disarray two years after Grace's brutal murder turned their lives upside down, and distraught Ben is still mourning his wife and looking for his kidnapped daughter, Eden.

7. The Crown

The Royal Family faces what may be their greatest challenge to date as the 1990s come into full swing and the public openly questions their place in Britain.

6. The Unbroken Voice

In this musical drama based on the early years of the Colombian icon, Arelys Henao, a young girl defies all odds to pursue her dream of a singing career.

5. Love Island

The popular British dating programme makes its American debut, bringing a fresh batch of people who pair up, break up, and do more in an effort to win money—and love.

4. Dead to Me

In this, their third and final season, Jen and Judy are back. Both women receive shocking news following yet another hit-and-run, and they are willing to put their lives in danger to maintain an unbreakable friendship.

3. 1899

1899. A migrant steamship departs the old continent by sailing west. The passengers, a diverse group of European descent, were brought together by their aspirations for the twenty-first century and their futures abroad.

2. Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Field

Joe Berlinger, an Emmy Award-winning and Oscar-nominated director, is back to executive produce season three of the acclaimed documentary series CRIME SCENE, which examines how specific locations facilitate criminal activity.1

1. Wednesday

The series follows Wednesday Addams' years as a student at Nevermore Academy through a detective-driven, supernaturally tinged mystery.