While there were a number of rumors surrounding how director Sam Raimi would approach the Doctor Strange sequel — especially since Multiverse of Madness was his return to Marvel

Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch competed against Benedict Cumberbatch's caped sorcerer in the film.

The multiverse, however, was already being teased to fans of the MCU in the Disney+ streaming series Wandavision, Loki, and What If?

One of the tangential paths across the universe explored by Jeffrey Wright's character, The Watcher, is titled "What If...?".

Instead of sustaining hand injuries, Strange loses his lover Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) to the car accident.

In many ways, part of why Multiverse of Madness does a disservice to Strange and Christine’s relationship is that it doesn’t focus on Strange at all.  

This movie ignores Strange's relationship with Adams and continues to downplay the importance of Adams' performance as Christine Palmer.

Despite the film's clear intent to portray Wanda as the villain, Multiverse of Madness actually justifies her actions through pathos.

What if you knew there was a universe in which you were happy? Wouldn't you like to go there?