What Might Lead Finn Balor to Return to WWE as a Demon? Since his loss to Roman Reigns at WWE Extreme Rules 2021, Finn Balor’s Demon avatar has not been shown on television. 

There are a few variables that could be the cause of Demon Finn Balor’s comeback to television after an absence of more than ten months from WWE programming. 

The Judgment Day faction is now at war with Age, and Finn Balor is its leader. 

The episode of Raw scheduled for August 22 will feature Damien Priest of Judgment Day facing up against Edge. 

For this reason, Finn Balor can astonish everyone in WWE by bringing Demon back for a contest against Edge. 

The US Championship is the main prize on Raw, therefore Judgment Day may begin a rivalry with Bobby Lashley as the US Champion in the Red brand. 

Due to this, Finn Balor might play the Demon again and defeat Bobby Lashley to win the US Championship.

The Fiend will return to WWE Finn Balor has yet to exact revenge with The Fiend after losing to Bray Wyatt in their first WWE match after Balor’s comeback. 

The rumors about Bray Wyatt’s return to WWE have gotten louder recently if that can be observed. Bray Wyatt appears to be considering a WWE comeback as The Fiend. 

Finn Balor might resurrect his Demon persona to exact revenge on The Fiend if he makes a comeback.