Westworld to be removed from HBO Max as the streaming channel continues to cleanse its content library. 

According to Deadline, the original scripted drama and The Nevers, another well-known HBO drama series, will both be taken off of HBO Max.  

Although Warner Bros. Discovery has not formally confirmed it, it is likely that they will reappear on other company platforms even though they will temporarily be removed from the streaming service. 

Westworld was created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, debuted on HBO in 2016. 

Westworld, which debuted on HBO in Season 1 and has since gotten mainly excellent reviews from critics and viewers, had the most viewers of any HBO original series’ first season.  

The following three seasons premiered in April 2018, March 2020, and June 2022, respectively. 

Many fans of the show were shocked to learn that it had been cancelled, despite later seasons receiving more conflicting reviews and a gradual drop in viewership. 

There’s a good chance that Westworld will return on one of Warner Bros. 

Discovery’s other streaming services as it becomes the most recent and prominent show to be yanked from HBO Max.  

David Zaslav, the CEO of the business, has declared his intention to enter the lucrative FAST streaming market.